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The Importance of Jewelry Care: How to Protect Your Investments

Jewelry is a private investment that becomes one of our most cherished accessories. When it receives the proper maintenance, love, and care, it can be a lifelong heirloom that you’ll treasure.

These tips will help you protect that investment.

Best Ways to Clean and Care for Your Jewelry

1. Avoid Light and Heat When Possible

Sunlight and heat can cause the colors in some gemstones to fade. Topaz, kunzite, and amethyst are the most prone to this issue. If you have pearls, a bleaching effect can occur. In some instances, your gems may darken with extra light.

2. Stay Away from Chemicals

Chemical agents can discolor precious metals, damage gemstones, and degrade your mountings. Substances with trace amounts of these harmful ingredients are enough to ruin your jewelry. Please take care when using perfume, wearing lotion, or applying hairspray as it may cause surface damage.

Pools often contain chlorine and ammonia, which are often too harsh for delicate gemstones.

3. Understand the Treatments

Some gemstones receive steam, ultrasonic, solvent, and heat treatments to enhance their color and clarity. Understanding which ones can withstand these activities and those that cannot ensure that your investment remains intact..

Although ultrasonic cleaners are reasonably affordable, organic gems should not get cleaned by them. Anything with surface-reaching breaks, non-permanent coatings, and those susceptible to temperature changes should also be avoided.

What Is the Safest Cleaning Method?

If you need to clean your jewelry, the safest cleaning method is usually a detergent-free dish soap, warm water, and a soft brush.

Some items may be easier to clean with a pulsed-water appliance. Please remember to rinse your jewelry to avoid having soap film remain on it.