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January Birthstone - Garnet

The fiery garnet starts off the new year as the birthstone for January because it plants the seeds of hope for the coming months. It is a time when everyone works toward resolutions that can create positive changes in life, encouraging individuals to look through trials and difficulties to the sunshine of the future.

The size and shape of January’s birthstone are reminiscent of pomegranate seeds, which some cultures offered as a gift of love. It can be symbolic of a desire to return to a separated partner, encourage togetherness, or preserve health. Ancient soldiers believed that possessing a garnet would alert them of impending danger.

If a garnet loses its luster or shine, then this communicates to the possessor that bad news could be coming their way.

Garnets Encourage Personal Transformation

A New Year’s resolution aims to transform a specific part of your life. That result has the power to create powerful changes in yourself and the people around you.

That energy is what tradition says the garnet provides to its owner. This January birthstone represents passion, desire, or anger based on the decisions made. Friendships are strengthened or lost based on the choices each person makes, and this gemstone is said to inspire honesty and contemplation before proceeding.

Parting friends used to exchange garnets as a symbol of their affection. The energy it offers is said to draw people together. When it is your birthstone, then it can encourage you to set meaningful goals that improve your life so that you can chase your dreams.