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February Birthstone - Amethyst

February is a month that focuses on love because of Valentine’s Day celebrations that occur. Amethyst is a birthstone that celebrates self-control, cleverness, and perseverance, which are all traits associated with long-term relationships.

The birthstone was thought to control evil thoughts by our ancestors. Ancient healers brought amethyst to battles because the energy it offered was thought to heal wounds. It could help hunters find food to provide for their families while protecting against hidden evil.

Amethyst guards against anger and destructive passion so that togetherness has greater emphasis in each life. It refocuses one’s energy to resist temptation so that it is possible to put down roots.

Amethyst Promotes Modesty and Humility

The attractive purple color of the amethyst made it one of the most sought-after gemstones of the ancient world. It was often reserved for religious ceremonies, contributing to the idea that the stone was a symbol for chastity or royalty. As the years passed, this perspective evolved into one where February’s birthstone represented modesty and humility.

Some traditions suggest that amethyst can provide visions or prophecies that can lead to prosperity. Many cultures used this idea to promote monetary wealth, but it is the courage to love that makes this gemstone such a powerful representation of oneself.


Long-term love involves a daily decision to stay. It requires individuals to work out differences while promoting the needs of the other over personal desires. That’s why it serves as the birthstone for February. It encourages trust, hope, and patience so that happiness can bloom just like the early daffodils.