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September Birthstone - Sapphire

Blue sapphires are one of the most beautiful gems you’ll ever encounter. The most intense hues come from the Kashmir region, setting a standard for velvety tones and brightness.

What is unique about the sapphire is that it comes in a multitude of shades. The most common hues are purple, orange, green, yellow, and pink. Some of them can even be brown, black, or gray.

Many sapphires contain inclusions of Rutile needles. Although their presence decreases the gem’s transparency, their silky appearance and parallel groupings enhance its appearance when polished by exhibiting asterism. These “star” sapphires can exist in 6-12 rays, depending on its overall development.

The only known gemstone harder than sapphire is a diamond.

Sapphires Represent Wisdom and Integrity

Natural and synthetic sapphire exhibit the same qualities. Technicians have made the gem in laboratory conditions for over a century, and only a trained expert can tell the difference between the two.

The rare hue of the sapphire makes it valuable, but the healing properties from its energy are what make it an attractive gem. This birthstone promotes mental order and focus, emotional awareness, and an open mind.

When sapphire is worn, it encourages the mind to receive wisdom. If it is placed around the neck, you can communicate this information to others.

Many people who wear the sapphire mention how they experience enhanced contentment each day. It protects against negative energy, attracts financial abundance, and encourages thought clarity.

When sapphire is given as a gift, it encourages honesty in the relationship. It can represent devotion, loyalty, and passion.