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October Birthstone - Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a beautiful birthstone that provides an endless rainbow of color characteristics and combinations. These hues are so pure that past cultures often mistook green and red tourmaline for emeralds and rubies.

A single crystal may include multiple colors that dazzle and shine as the light hits the gemstone in different ways. As the ancient mystics used to say, tourmaline is perfect because it offers support for every mood.

Several colors are popular today, including neon, chrome, and pink. Tourmaline rates up to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a hard enough stone for daily wear.

The Different Colors May Have Unique Healing Properties

What makes tourmaline unique is that each color within its natural rainbow creates a different healing property.

When you wear or have pink tourmaline in the room with you, the forgiveness powers that may have disappeared can return. The gemstone works to tap into your gentleness and compassion centers.

According to ancient traditions, having green tourmaline available can restore strength, improve stamina, and promote courage.

When black tourmaline is your preference, it can enhance self-confidence and body awareness.

If the tourmaline color shades closer to neon, that indicates the gemstone contains copper traces. Its presence creates oxidation, reducing the ability for unwanted invaders to destroy personal health. Having these gemstones with you can ward off the darker energies that try to tear down your positivity.

Most tourmaline deposits are found in Brazil, but it is also available in places like Madagascar and Pakistan. Maine and California have significant deposits of this fine gemstone as well.