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How to Keep Anxiety at Bay

Our current circumstances are fuel for anxiety. With COVID numbers regularly reported, unemployment issues to juggle, and remote schooling to manage, 2020 has turned many lives upside-down.

If you feel that anxiety is taking control of your life, here are some ways you can keep it at bay.

Put Anxious Thoughts in the Freezer

Instead of dwelling on the things you can’t control, take action on what you can manage. Even if you create a small, positive change, it feels good to know that you’re making improvements.

Soothe the Body

Try taking about ten minutes to stretch your muscles. A short yoga routine, rubbing the sole of your foot with a tennis ball, or simple reaches all work to calm the body.

Talk About the Issues

Speaking with someone about how you feel helps to calm anxious thoughts. Turning what you think about into verbal communication enables you to see the problem from a different perspective. This option is also a way to gain some valuable advice.

Get Rid of the Flames

Anxiety strikes like a wildfire. The initial moment hits like a bolt of lightning. Once the flames start spreading, putting them out can be a challenge. If you can take some time to breathe in and out slowly, it acts like water on a fire. The actions tell your body that now isn’t the time to overreact.

You can wait out anxious feelings because the emotion ebbs and flows like the tide. It is also crucial to remember that anxiety is a red flag that can speak to a more significant issue. If it continues to make its presence known, consider talking with your doctor about your concerns.