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November Birthstone - Citrine

Citrine offers golden shades that range from a deep brown-orange to a pale yellow. Although it is one of the most affordable birthstones, it is also one that immediately catches the eye.

If you want to wear a larger pendant, ring, or bracelet, citrine is an excellent choice for maximizing your investment.

Citrine comes from the quartz family, with ancient traditions saying that the wearer receives more energy and vitality with its presence. It may also bring abundance and wealth to those who believe in its powers.

Coming in at 7 in the Mohs scale, you have an excellent birthstone with enough durability for regular wear. Please remember that high heat could cause it to crack, so avoid steam cleaning techniques.

Citrine Comes From the Latin Word for Lemon

Two citrine options are available in today’s marketplace: heated and unheated.

The majority of citrine jewelry you can find comes from heated amethyst. This approach creates brilliant colors throughout the stones, even when they have impressive carat measurements.

If you want to maximize the potential healing qualities of citrine, birthstones of unheated origin may be a better choice. One of the most significant producing areas of this gemstone version is in Bolivia’s wetlands.

What makes the Bolivia citrine pieces so beautiful is that some of them combine amethyst and citrine into the same crystal to give it a gradient color look. These pieces are known as ametrine.

The name of this birthstone is fitting. Its brilliant yellow-to-orange color range makes it a highly desirable piece to add to any collection.