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October Birthstone - Opal

An opal represents confidence, faithfulness, and reliability. Ancient cultures often used this October birthstone to protect eyesight or keep evil away.

Instead of being a single stone, opals are a form of quartz that forms by bringing small spheres together. When any light hits this structure, then multiple colors of the spectrum appear.

That means the birthstone offers a different perspective when light levels shift or change. An opal that looks bright and luminous in the sun could become dark and mysterious when indoors. That characteristic is the reason why many tribal cultures thought of them as being God’s footprints.

Do Opals Bring Back Luck to People?

A superstition that follows people with October birthdays is that the opal brings them bad luck. This perspective formed because of the softness and fragility of the birthstone. In the early days of jewelry making, the processing work would dry out the stones – causing them to break when being polished or mounted.

Since a broken opal was worthless to a jewelry maker, many refused to work with the stone because of the risks involved in their income.

Asian cultures see opals as a symbol of hope. Ancient civilizations used to give this birthstone to women with blonde hair to prevent the color from darkening or fading.

Opals continue to serve as a symbol of assurance and fidelity. It taps into your spiritual energy to show new perspectives of the world for those who can keep an open mind. This October birthstone amplifies individual traits, which means it represents confidence, self-worth, and reaching your full potential.