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Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is the best way to bring out the most grace in any of the outfits. You can convert your normal day outfit into a fancy outfit for any occasion by just choosing the right piece of jewelry.

Every jewelry item purchased has a significant value behind the reason for its purchase. We do not get rid of the jewelry just after wearing them for once. It is essential we take good take care of them so that it lasts.

Here are some few steps you should follow to take care of your jewelry:

  1. Keep it away from moisture: Your jewelry does not love moisture. To ensure it remains shiny and beautiful keep it away from moisture. Remove your jewelry item before going for a bath. Even while you are washing your hands, remove your rings/bracelets. Prolonged exposure to water and detergent will cause them to rust faster. Avoid any contact of perfumes/lotions as they contain harmful chemicals that will tarnish your jewelry. You do not want your shiny piece to turn all black. Also if you engage in physical activities like gyming or swimming, make sure you have worn no jewelry item.
  2. Storing your jewelry in a closed box: When you are not wearing any jewelry, it is best to keep it away from direct sunlight and air. Remember your grandmas’ jewelry box. The one like that is best suited to store your jewelry. Place a little piece of chalk or silica packet, they will absorb the extra moisture. A small hack for storing your chains/bracelets other than keeping in the box is to use a straw to store them. Also storing your small piece of earring in a spare shirt button will ensure you do not lose them.
  3. Taking care of expensive jewelry items: Extra care has to be taken for your silver or golden jewelry items. If you do not use them on a daily basis Make sure to clean them and put it in your jewelry box every time you use it. You do not need fancy/expensive cleaner to clean them. Use a mixture of baking soda, salt, and boiling water then damp cloth and gently clean your jewelry. This will give them the anti-tarnish results.
  4. Knowing when to wear your jewelry: Whenever getting dressed make sure you put your jewelry only when you are fully dressed. While removing your dress, the jewelry should be the first item to take off. You do not want to cause them any damage when they get stuck into the cloth fabric. It would be very difficult to extract the little fabric pieces from your jewelry. Sometimes rash wearing/removal can even cause them to have a slight bend. Also, avoid jewelry while sleeping.
  5. Extra care for pearl items: Pearl necklaces are not to be treated the same way as other jewelry. Make sure you lie them flat on any surface. This will ensure that the thread they were bound together remains strong.

Following these simple steps will ensure you are making out the most from your jewelry. Have your precious jewels look just the same as the day they were bought.