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November Birthstone - Topaz

All yellow gemstones were thought to be topaz in ancient cultures. What we’ve discovered over the centuries is that November’s birthstone comes in a variety of colors and that some yellow stones are something entirely different.

This variety is a reflection of all people who have a birthday represented by topaz. Diversity is what gives us the strength to face the stressful parts of each day. By having a variety of perspectives available to share, it is easier to find the best solution to a current problem.

Pure topaz is colorless. The different hues it offers come from impurities to create something beautiful.

Topaz Is a Durable Gemstone

One of the best qualities of the November birthstone is that it is hard and durable. Topaz gives its wearer intelligence and strength with the energy it possesses, contributing to stronger relationships and enduring passion.

Many cultures used topaz to treat health conditions because of its reported healing powers. Having the stone nearby was said to improve vision, relieve asthma, and reduce fevers. It was even ground into a powder to be consumed with wine to stop episodes of chronic insomnia.

Topaz invites people to explore their creative energy. It encourages good fortune because it works with the individual to build a foundation that leads toward success. By balancing emotions, it can promote focus, concentration, and productivity when needed.

You cannot miss the sparkle that topaz offers with its brilliant hues and diverse colors. Each stone is a little different, but all of them contribute to the positive energy that fuels a daily pursuit of goals and dreams.