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June Birthstone - Pearl

Pearls have an undeniably stunning natural beauty. They were once called the “tears of the gods.” Some ancient legends claimed that the moon held the power of their creation!

That’s why June’s birthstone is said to have such a shimmering glow. It is a small piece of moonlight infused in terrestrial beauty.

What makes the pearl such a unique gemstone is that it is the only one that gets formed within a living organism.

Is There a Difference Between Natural vs. Cultured Pearls?

Natural pearls are arguably the rarest gemstone of all. Even when divers can locate them, the depths at which they are accessible makes them difficult to recover.

That’s why cultured pearls became popular. We learned how to seed irritants carefully to mollusks to begin the crafting process. These can be saltwater- or freshwater-formed.

The powers of June’s birthstone are not diminished for those who wear the cultured option. This gem promotes purity, loyalty, and truth by creating a foundation of calm centeredness. It is a process that encourages individuals to tap into their inner energy to accomplish incredible feats.

Ancient doctors believed that pearls possessed several healing qualities. It was used to treat fever, bleeding, indigestion, and heart issues. Chinese medicine still uses this gemstone as a cosmetic product and for lightening the skin.

This lustrous gem works to bring out the best of the human experience. When you have faith, hope, and love by your side each day, nothing can hold you back from your definition of success!