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May Birthstone - Emerald

Green is the color of spring. That makes the emerald the perfect birthstone for anyone with a May birthday.

This gem radiates a vibrant color, vivid tones, and represents moments of growth, love, and happiness.

Emeralds are one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones. The most valuable ones contain a hint of blue with its depths of green, speaking of the rains of spring that provide the foundation for new growth.

Life should be full of positive abundance, and emeralds help to make that outcome possible.

Emeralds Provide a Protective Energy

Ancient cultures embraced emeralds as a gemstone because it was believed that it contained supernatural protective powers. Leaders would wear iconic pieces as a way to prevent demonic possession or ward off evil spirits.

Some belief systems in early religions felt that those who wore emeralds would get blessed with great fortune. Being in the gemstone’s presence could boost intelligence, strengthen memory, and embrace prophetic powers.

Emeralds may have emotional and physical healing powers to consider. The gemstone may offer the body access to more balance, reduce insomnia, lift mood, and detoxify the circulatory systems. These benefits may extend to the immune response.

The emerald encourages love and fidelity, sparks wisdom, creates inspiration, and strives to create a peaceful world. All of these qualities are available with abundance.

When your life feels unbalanced, chaotic, or out of control, the energy of May’s birthstone may help to correct the issue. This gemstone provides a calming respite in the middle of life’s storms.