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July Gemstone - Ruby

The ruby is often treated like the royalty of the gemstone family. Its value increases based on the quality and color it possesses, as do the natural benefits received when the gemstone is in your possession.

Rubies are highly regarded for bestowing good fortune upon those who wear or own them. Kings, queens, and emperors all prized this gemstone throughout each civilization and era, making it one of the most-valued birthstones in all of history.

The color of a ruby is what draws people to this gemstone. It should have a fiery hue, bold in tone, and trend toward the red color. Tones of blue, purple, and orange can be found in some.

Rubies Are a Stone of Courage

The ruby’s richness and bold colors represent the powerful feelings found deep inside the soul. Its presence can restore a person’s vital life forces, improve energy levels, and increase stamina.

When those elements are present in your life, it is much easier to tap into the courage that resides in your heart. People who possess rubies do not need to fear misfortune because of the energy it offers.

Rubies are said to have unique physical benefits, including detoxification, circulatory system benefits, and energy stimulation. Its presence in a room can improve focus and motivation, clearing the way for more passion and wealth. The gemstone may even have a positive effect on dreams.

July’s birthstone can represent the love and passion that two people have for each other. It can also encourage you to find your inner strength.