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August Birthstone - Peridot

Although August has three official birthstones, the peridot is the one recognized most often. The other two are the sardonyx and spinel.

What is unique about the peridot is that it can only form under immense pressure and extreme conditions. The two most common places to find it is in hardened lava from ancient eruptions and fallen meteorites.

It is often confused with emerald or topaz, but the gem's quality is what sets it apart. Peridot is soft, as low as 6.5 on the Mohs scale, making it unsuitable for daily wear for most people. It can scratch quite easily.

Peridot Is the Stone of Compassion

Wearers of peridot are said to have more peace in their relationships, restful sleep, and improved health. Because this gem encourages compassion, it works to balance the mind and harness the power of positive emotion.

When peridot is in the room with a person, its powers are said to inspire creativity. It encourages delight, offering moments of eloquence and good cheer as the gem works to attract love.

If you want to maximize the peridot's potential power, wearing it on the right arm is the best location. This action is said to free the mind from envy, dangerous thoughts, and nightmares.

Gold enhances the effects that peridot has on a person’s life. Wearing it as jewelry within this setting helps the gem to develop its full potential.

The stunning green hue of peridot helps each person tap into their loving kindness. It offers the foundation of compassion to repair, heal, or maintain relationships.