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December Birthstone - Turquoise

Turquoise is sometimes considered to be a love charm. When you wear it consistently, then the December birthstone can become a symbol of success and good fortune. Some cultures believe that having it represent your life or being in your possession can keep away evil spirits or protect people from harm.

What makes turquoise unique to other birthstones is that it is opaque instead of being translucent. The blue color can have different tones and green hues infused to it, and some variations have mineral lines form through it. That means each one has a unique story to tell, just like each person.

Turquoise Often Forms from Volcanic Activity

If turquoise is your birthstone, then its meaning depends upon your culture, environment, and individual beliefs. The one common idea throughout history is that turquoise has the power to ward off demons.

Most turquoise forms in the desert biome where volcanic activity is present – or was at some point in history. In the American Southwest, the blue stones are thought to improve the hunting prowess of the wearer. Some believe that it is a magical piece that falls from the sky. It can also be reflective of simmering emotions that require a release to create balance in life.

This December birthstone is sensitive to scratches, impacts, and extreme environments. Its sensitivity is a reflection of those who this stone represents. Turquoise is beautiful, but it needs care and consideration to remain that way. When you provide it love, then it can offer the same in return through its rarity and consistency.